Weapons Destruction

Weapon Destruction Services

Secure Hard Drive Destruction (SHDD) provides an end-to-end environment for secure disposal of highly classified and attractive assets; including but not limited to ICT media, weapons, explosive ordnances (free from explosives) and ITAR from End-of-Life Defence vehicles (Air/Sea/Land).

Our secure environment includes onsite and remote destruction with approved and certified packaging, transport, storage and disposal.

We’re members of the Australian Community and NAID and are a NAID AAA PSPF certified destruction service provider, meeting the most stringent of requirements for classified and attractive assets within Australia and across the world.

Our equipment is endorsed by the Australian Security Construction and Equipment Committee (SCEC) and approved by the NSA and ATF in the United States.

Deployable Onsite Disposal Systems (ODS-01)

The Onsite Disposal System has been developed to overcome the risks associated with stockpiling for future transportation of highly classified assets for disposal. This system is deployable anywhere in the world with trained and cleared staff as a part of the package.

What makes the SHDD ODS-01 Unique

  • Certified Onsite Disposal System for large and small Highly Classified articles
    • Modular system architecture, catering for all sizes of projects
      • Industrial shears and machinery to cut down large items
      • Industrial shredder, hammer mill for destruction down to 2mm
    • Risk Mitigation
      • Certified
        • SCEC Endorsed Equipment
        • AGSVA cleared personnel supplied
        • Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) approved
      • Faster Disposal

Noteworthy aspects

  • Fully mobile: ODS are unbranded 20 ft mobile destruction units, deployable nationally and internationally
  • Monitored Security: Closed loop security cameras installed to capture footage of the destruction process, allowing for remote access oversite and reviewing of the end-to-end destruction process
  • Cleared Personnel: SHDD staff are AGSVA cleared personnel. Our senior operational staff are also certified Security Officers by the Department of Defence
  • Robust: The destruction container holds an industrial shear to ensure larger items are cut down prior to shredding and milling (if needed)
  • Safe: We provide experienced and certified staff to man and operate the ODS units to specified security level
  • Self-powered: This unit does not require an external power source
  • Comfortable: ODS units are fully air-conditioned for comfo

Secure weapons destruction and disposal

We help our customers meet the stringent requirements of secure disposals for small to major projects, protecting national security of vital information and assets at their end of life.

With highly skilled security officers and cleared personnel, our knowledge, security certifications and endorsements are second to none – meeting the highest security disposal requirements.


SCEC Endorsed  

Patented Technology & Process 


Up to SH5 

SCEC Endorsed


Protective Security Zone 


Highly Classified 


SCEC endorsed  

NSA certified 

NAID AAA certified 

Deployable Onsite Disposal System

Certified for Highly Classified Disposals

SCEC Endorsed Equipment

Mitigation of Stockpiling Risks

Our destruction services are listed on these Commonwealth Government Panels:

Australian Government

 Department of Digital Transformation Agency (DTA) Hardware Market Place Panel

Department of Defence

Capability Acquisition Sustainment Group (CASG) Disposal Panel Member Scrap Metal

Department of Defence

Capability Acquisition Sustainment Group (CASG) Disposal Panel Member Major Fleets and Platforms

Department of Defence

Capability Acquisition Sustainment Group (CASG) Disposal Panel Member Explosive Ordinance (Free From Explosive)