High Security Transport and Unique Packaging

Secure Transportation

Secure Hard Drive Destruction offers SCEC Endorsed transport through established transport providers. We have long-term relationships with SCEC Endorsed (Safe Hand) transportation providers for the highest level of secure transportation. Further, due to the volume of classified information we move nationally, we are highly experienced in designing transportation solutions from all states and capital cities.

Secure Hard Drive Destruction has a range of SCEC Endorsed and approved transport solutions, and cleared staff members. In cases of a national transport requirements, SHDD has a standing agreement with TNT FedEx (SAFE HAND) for the provision of person-to-person delivery solutions. The SCEC endorsed transportation solutions are in accordance with ASIO T4 and PSPF requirements for the transportation of (Classified) ICT media. This service provides for the movement of classified information across Australia, while meeting all Government compliance standards. 

Secure Packaging

Secure Hard Drive Destruction provides a unique modular solution for packaging and transportation of highly classified assets and material.  

This unique packaging system provides a more secure and cost-effective environment with SCEC endorsement.  

The packaging is a suite of proprietary products and processes for packaging, transport and storage for highly classified ICT media & assets, ITAR, weapons, explosive ordnances (free from explosive) and systems from end-of-life Defence vehicles (Air/Sea/Land).  

The need for secure packaging in highly classified data destruction

There is a high cost and complexity associated with compliance to the standard protocols for highly classified asset transportation (documentation, transportation and storage of individual items) as set out in the:

This product allows for many items to be documented, packaged, transported and stored together (without the need for individual packaging or documentation) abiding by rigorous Defence standards, policies and frameworks.


What makes the Secure Hard Drive Destruction Packaging Unique?

More Secure

SCEC Endorsed product and process 


Stacks to ship empty, 8-10 boxes in one box’s footprint

Ship multiple items in one larger secure package (box)

Fit for purposed with 3 different sizes TH-1, TH-2 & TH-3


Variety of substrates, not just plastic, metal or wooden crates

Can use cardboard, core flute or any other light-weight materials


Patented Technology

With a Unique Process

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