E-waste Recycling

e-waste recycling / e-waste recycling

Secure Hard Drive Destruction (SHDD) provides e-waste recycling services for businesses who need that next level of security for their end-of-life assets, taking into consideration the environmental and sustainable impact recycling offers. 

Providing an end-to-end secure disposal environment for highly classified ICT media & assets, ITAR, weapons, explosive ordnances (free from explosives) and systems from end-of-life Defence vehicles (Air/Sea/Land is the purpose of Secure Hard Drive Destruction. 


Supplying bins (if needed) to collect your e-waste for destruction and recycling. Obsolete and damaged electronic components are best disposed of by employing our services to ensure the proper disposal of potentially harmful and unwanted materials, helping to sustain a cleaner environment by recycling.  


E-waste contains toxic and hazardous materials such as lead and mercury, hence should not be sent to landfill. 

Please dispose of your e-waste responsibly and have it recycled. 


E-waste is any electrical and electronic waste that depends on electric currents or electromagnetic fields to function, including:

Audio and visual electric and electronic devices such as earphones, webcams, computer screens etc.

IT and ICT media and assets such as storage equipment like hard drives, USB sticks printed circuit boards, laptops, desktops, phones and printers that store data.

Secure Environment for E-waste Recycling

Our secure environment has been developed with SCEC endorsed equipment and certified with proprietary packaging, transport, storage and disposal services down to 2mm destruction.

We help our customers meet the stringent requirements of secure disposals for small to major projects, protecting national security of vital information and assets at their end of life.

With highly skilled security officers and cleared personnel, our knowledge, security certifications and endorsements are second to none – meeting the highest security disposal requirements in Australia.

To be able to provide our end-to-end secure environment for all of your secure disposal requirements, we have:

Our Secure Environment with Certified Secure Products & Services


  • SCEC Endorsed  
  • Patented Technology & Process 


  • Up to SH5 
  • SCEC Endorsed Transport


  • Protective Security Zone 


  • Highly Classified 
  • ITAR 
  • SCEC Endorsed  
  • NSA Approved  
  • NAID AAA PSPF certified 

ICT & IT Recycling

Specialists in ICT and IT recycling Secure Hard Drive Destruction partners with local accredited recycling facilities providing sustainable outcomes for our customers and the environment once the destruction process is complete. 

Recycling of ICT and IT equipment includes these types of assets: ICT media, hard drives, solid state hard drives, mobile phones, smart phones, magnetic tapes, circuit boards, RAM, cards, cameras, drones, iPads and tablets, laptops, MF printers, scanners, VOIP phones, PABX systems, alarm systems, access control systems, EFTPOS machines, locking mechanisms, film, X-rays, currency, plates, recording devices, uniforms, weapons, ordinates, components major fleets and platforms, technology and intellectual property. 

There are many uses for IT equipment that has been sanitised and also ICT media and asset materials which are shredded or crushed which can be securely, responsibly and sustainably recycled. 

E-waste disposal / E waste disposal

Secure Hard Drive Destruction (SHDD) specialises in destroying Information and Communications Technology (ICT) devices and media.  

We offer sanitisation and shredding of classified, and unclassified assets securely and our services include disposal of e-Waste, recycling all waste material once the destruction process is complete. 

Hard drives, USB sticks, CDs and DVDs need to be completely destroyed to ensure your information is protected. When it comes to sensitive material on IT and ICT equipment, there are Government and Defence policies that dictate what can be done to sanitise or dispose of highly classified information on these devices and in certain pieces of equipment. 

Secure e-waste destruction

The only way to protect your sensitive and potentially classified electronic data from being exposed, is to ensure the physical destruction of the actual hard drive (Hard Drive Destruction). We accept any form of electronic media including: 

USB sticks/drives 

CDs and DVDs 

Computers, laptops, printers, microfiche, phones  

Video tapes, films, cassettes 

To prevent security breaches and unauthorised access of your data, Secure Hard Drive Destruction services ensure sensitive data is completely destroyed, not just deleted… down to 2mm destruction.

Examples of some Government Projects we’ve been involved with:

Our destruction services are listed on these Commonwealth Government Panels:

Australian Government

 Department of Digital Transformation Agency (DTA) Hardware Market Place Panel

Department of Defence

Capability Acquisition Sustainment Group (CASG) Disposal Panel Member Scrap Metal

Department of Defence

Capability Acquisition Sustainment Group (CASG) Disposal Panel Member Major Fleets and Platforms

Department of Defence

Capability Acquisition Sustainment Group (CASG) Disposal Panel Member Explosive Ordinance (Free From Explosive)