E Waste Recycling

Secure Hard Drive Destruction (SHDD) is the ideal choice for companies who require E-waste recycling handled.

We provide the most secure end-to-end disposal environment for end-of-life IT equipment, ICT media & assets, ITAR, systems from weapons, explosive ordnances (free from explosives) and from end-of-life Defence vehicles (Air/Sea/Land)… we’re equipped!

SHDD also supplies on-demand bins for E-waste destruction and recycling; even if they have hazardous waste associated with the components. Yes, we handle those tricky situations as well!

We are your best choice for disposing of obsolete and damaged electronic components; especially when you want them handled with the utmost care and at the highest level of security… information that you don’t want resurfacing. 

Secure disposal of all the unwanted and harmful components!

Please note: E-waste potentially has toxic materials within the componentry, such as mercury, lead and other more uncommon chemicals (give us a call to find out more). They should not be sent to landfill and must be disposed of and recycled in the appropriate manner. 

Recycling is hard but necessary, thus doing our job(and helping you) to make the world a healthier and greener place to be in the future. 

What is E waste?

E-waste is any component that passes electricity through it (DC or AC) and is at its end-of-life for the current user; therefore it is now considered “waste”.

Typically they are thought of as electronic products or devices such as PCs, laptops, hard drives, mobile phones, printers, fax machines and etc.; but can be any device electric or electronic, including but not limited to switches, modems, cables, antennas… you can see where this is leading.

The crux of it is any device or product that needs electrical current to be useful and is at its end of useful life for its current owner – is known as E-waste. 

Proper disposal of E-waste and recycling is a must because if they are sent to landfill, the mercury and lead inside these items will make soil and water unusable.

Secure Environment for E waste Recycling

Our secure E-waste recycling environment includes SCEC endorsed equipment and is certified with proprietary packaging, transport, storage, disposal services down to 2mm destruction which is NAID AAA PSPF certified BIL 1-5; and of course recycling of materials (even hazardous waste and rare earth metals) is our priority after destruction. 

The E-waste is sorted by commodities (inclusive of Rare Earth metals) for the appropriate recycling or rubbish disposal method to comply with ISO-5377 (International e-waste recycling standard) and we follow the downstream of that material to ensure that it doesn’t have any negative impact on the environment.

Some materials are sent around the world to be recycled as it is not possible in Australia (we send some of it to Japan!).

We comply with Australian regulations as well like the Environment Protection Act 1970, State Environment Protection Policy, 2018 National Waste Policy(Less waste, more resources) and Waste Management Policy Recycling and Waste Reduction Act 2020.

Along with complying to these policies and the Act of 1970, we are also ISO 14001 certified.

ICT & IT Recycling

We partner with approved local recycling facilities ensuring a sustainable result for the betterment of the environment. 

Recycling of ICT and IT equipment includes but is not limited to – ICT media, internal and external hard drives, solid-state hard drives, mobile phones, smartphones, magnetic tapes, printed circuit boards (PCBs), RAM, SD cards, cameras, drones, iPads and tablets, laptops, MF printers, scanners, VOIP phones, PABX systems, alarm systems, access control systems, EFTPOS machines, digital locking mechanisms and systems, recording devices, weapon system components, components from vehicle fleets and platforms, and other electrical and electronic technology.

Sanitized IT equipment can be used for other purposes, and ICT media and assets can be sustainably recycled.

E waste Disposal

We are the unmatched experts in destroying Information and Communications Technology (ICT) devices and media. As described elsewhere on our website and other communications, our services include secure sanitization and shredding of classified and unclassified assets amongst many other methods of “destroying” the sensitive information held within products and devices. Also, we will dispose of and recycle the assets and media in the most sustainable manner, post-destruction. 

Hard drives, USB sticks, CDs and DVDs are required to be destroyed to protect sensitive data. The Government dictates the rules to sanitise and dispose of highly classified information on IT and ICT equipment under the PSPF, DSPF and ISM requirements.

Secure e waste destruction

Total destruction is the only way to ensure the protection of sensitive and classified electronic data. SHDD accepts the following articles and many other variants for sanitization and disposal:

USB Sticks

Hard Drives

Computers, laptops, printers, microfiche, phones  

Videotapes, films, cassettes, CDs, DVDs

Any possibility of a security breach vanishes when SHDD shreds the items down to 2mm particles.

Dont leave evidence

Examples of some Government Projects we’ve been involved with:

SHDD destruction services are listed on the following Government Panels


Australian Government

 Department of Digital Transformation Agency (DTA) Hardware Market Place Panel


Department of Defence

Capability Acquisition Sustainment Group (CASG) Disposal Panel Member Scrap Metal


Department of Defence

Capability Acquisition Sustainment Group (CASG) Disposal Panel Member Major Fleets and Platforms


Department of Defence

Capability Acquisition Sustainment Group (CASG) Disposal Panel Member Explosive Ordinance (Free From Explosive)

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