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Secure Hard Drive Destruction is the preferred supplier of highly classified disposals to Defence, Primes, Banks and other Australian Government Agencies… as an end-to-end solutions provider.

The number one focus of our company is to provide clients with the highest level of security with regard to the destruction of their highly sensitive data and assets; meet specific client and Government security policy requirements.

SHDD has secure facilities around Australia, have SCEC endorsed equipment, patented products and procedures, which are accredited with the NSA; having key personnel cleared by the Australian Government Security Vetting Agency (AGSVA), trained to handle the highest level of classified information and assets.

Some of our projects are listed below:

  • Telstra Defence Project – JP2047 CR3 supply of SHDD Secure Consignment Container TH1, TH2 nationally, controlling packaging 3PL deployment 
  • Commonwealth – Classified Disposal  
  • Department of Justice – Transport and disposal ICT Media  
  • Victoria Police – Disposal of ICT Media  
  • CIOG – Packaging, Transport, Storage and Disposal of ICT Media  
  • Telstra Defence – Packaging, Transport, Storage and Disposal of ICT Media.  
  • DTA – Hardware Market Place – Panellist  
  • BAE – Disposal of Defence Classified Assets and ITAR (explosive ordnance)  
  • DSTG – National disposal of ICT Media

Below is a list of accreditations, endorsements, memberships and clearances held by SHDD and which are part of our operating protocol and compliance framework.

  • Storage Certification for assets and ICT Media  
  • Australian Community Member (AC) approved destruction of ITAR and Treaty articles  
  • (BNEI) Bank Note Ethics Initiative Approved Supplier  
  • ISO Standards under 9001 Quality Management, 18001 OHS and 14001 Environmental  
  • All SHDD Staff are AGSVA Cleared Personnel 
  • Director of SHDD an Australian Government Trained Security Officer  
  • NAID Member since 2009  
  • NAID AAA PSPF Certified for all ICT Media listed in the ISM 
  • Australian Community Manual  
  • Protect Security Circulars  
  • SCEC Endorsed Equipment  
  • NSA Approved Equipment Evaluated Products List  
  • Independent testing of Destruction Equipment  
  • ISO 9001 Quality Standard, ISO14001 for Environmental Management and ISO45001 for Occupational Health and Safety.

SHDD has a comprehensive and demonstrated knowledge of the following Australian Government information security requirements and guidelines:

  • ASD Information Security Manual  
  • PSPF – Protective Security Policy Framework  
  • DSPF – Defence Security Principles Framework

SHDD has the technical, functional, operational and performance expertise to meet the requirements of the tender, which can be noted below:

  • SHDD owns and operates a fully Australian owned business, providing destruction services for textiles since 2010, with a fully operational factory premises in Victoria 
  • SHDD has a team of operational resources that are employed 5 days per week, 52 weeks per year, to provide the services 
  • SHDD owns machinery that is used to degauss or sanitise, breakdown, scrap, shred, destroy and dispose of textiles and has offered this service since 2010 
  • SHDD has engaged the services of endorsed transport services to collect assets to be destroyed and have it securely transported to the factory for destruction 
  • SHDD has designed and manufactured a custom-built transport solution that has been SCEC Endorsed for the secure collection and transport of assets to be destroyed 
  • SHDD presently services over 500+ clients per week and has the technical, functional, operational capacity to increase the workload 
  • SHDD has internal resources to measure and monitor performance to the contract monthly, quarterly and annually and respond to continuous improvement opportunities.

Any possibility of a security breach vanishes when SHDD shreds the items down to 2mm particles.

Dont leave evidence

Examples of some Government Projects we’ve been involved with:

SHDD destruction services are listed on the following Government Panels


Australian Government

 Department of Digital Transformation Agency (DTA) Hardware Market Place Panel


Department of Defence

Capability Acquisition Sustainment Group (CASG) Disposal Panel Member Scrap Metal


Department of Defence

Capability Acquisition Sustainment Group (CASG) Disposal Panel Member Major Fleets and Platforms


Department of Defence

Capability Acquisition Sustainment Group (CASG) Disposal Panel Member Explosive Ordinance (Free From Explosive)

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