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Hard Drive Destruction Services, for Highly Classified Asset Disposal

Secure Hard Drive Destruction (SHDD) provides an end-to-end  secure disposal environment for ‘Highly Classified’ and ‘Security Protected Attractive Assets’ such as ICT media & assets, ITAR, weapons, explosive ordnances (free from explosives) and systems from ‘End-of-Life’ Defence vehicles (Air/Sea/Land).  

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Our Services

Secure Hard Drive Destruction has developed the most secure environment for classified and security protected attractive asset disposal in Australia; under the instruction and guidance of the Protective Security Policy Framework (PSPF), Defence Security Policy Framework (DSPF) and ASD Information Security Manual (ISM).  


With SCEC endorsed, NSA and ATF approved processes and equipment, membership with NAID AAA PSPF, BnEI and the Australian Community (amongst many other accreditations and credentials) we provide proprietary packaging, transport, storage and disposal services down to 2mm destruction. 


SHDD helps its customers meet the stringent requirements of secure disposals for small to major projects, protecting national security of vital information and assets at their ‘End-of-Life’.  


With highly skilled security officers and AGSVA cleared personnel our knowledge, security certifications and endorsements are second to none – meeting the highest security disposal requirements in Australia.

Our Products

The products we provide round out the secure environment required for highly classified disposals. They are used in transport and storage to ensure the integrity of the secure environment in order to meet compliance with Government regulations according to Australia’s PSPF, DSPF and ISM frameworks.

Our Expertise

Our destruction services are listed on these Commonwealth Government Panels:

Australian Government

 Department of Digital Transformation Agency (DTA) Hardware Market Place Panel

Department of Defence

Capability Acquisition Sustainment Group (CASG) Disposal Panel Member Scrap Metal

Department of Defence

Capability Acquisition Sustainment Group (CASG) Disposal Panel Member Major Fleets and Platforms

Department of Defence

Capability Acquisition Sustainment Group (CASG) Disposal Panel Member Explosive Ordinance (Free From Explosive)

Full Accreditation

SHDD is compliant with the following ISO standards:

ISO 9001 (quality management system standards), ISO 14001 (effective environmental management system) and ISO 45001 & AS/NZS 4801 (occupational health and safety assessment Series & Australian and New Zealand standard for safety management).


Secure Hard Drive Destruction (SHDD) is a member of NAID and is a NAID AAA PSPF certified destruction service provider.

Our equipment is endorsed by the Australian Security Construction and Equipment Committee (SCEC) and approved by the NSA and ATF in the United States.


We are also accredited by the Banknote Ethics Initiative (BnEI) and are Australian Community members allowing us to carry out disposal of ITAR and other Treaty Articles.

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